Learning BeagleBone

Learning BeagleBone - Free Download

The BeagleBone is a microboard computer that offers all the possibilities of a larger PC in a miniaturized package. By learning embedded Linux for the BeagleBone, you can get started on the road to utilizing the power of the board to achieve its full potential.

Learning BeagleBone covers right from unboxing, showing you the absolute basics of using your new BeagleBone to give you the knowledge you need to be a responsible BeagleBone owner and to integrate the microboard into your projects. Begin by learning about the software behind your purchase before moving on to your first simple project on building an LED flasher using the LEDs on the BeagleBone itself.

Table of Contents
1. Introducing the Beagle Boards
2. Software in the BeagleBone
3. Building an LED Flasher
4. Refining the LED Flasher
5. Connecting the BeagleBone to Mobile Devices
6. Recovering from the Mistakes
7. Interfacing with the BeagleBone
8. Advanced Software Topics
9. Expansion Boards and Options

 Download Learning BeagleBone PDF

You can download this book from any of the following links. If any link is dead please feel free to leave a comment.

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