Embedded Multitasking: With Small Microcontrollers by Keith E Curtis

Embedded Multitasking: With Small Microcontrollers (Free PDF Download)

Book Description
In an embedded system, firmware is the software that directly interfaces with the microcontroller, controlling the system’s function. The major forces driving the embedded firmware development process today are reduced development times, increased complexity, and the need to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

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Embedded Multitasking: With Small Microcontrollers (Free PDF Download)
These forces translate into strenuous design requirements for embedded engineers and programmers. Many low-level embedded microcontroller designs have insufficient memory and/or architectural limitations that make the use of a real-time operating system impractical. 

The techniques presented in this book allow the design of robust multitasking firmware through the use of interleaved state machines. This book presents a complete overview of multitasking terminology and basic concepts. Practical criteria for task selection and state machine design are also discussed.

Table of Contents
1 - What's In This Book, and Why Should I Read It?
2 - Basic Embedded Programming Concepts
3 - System-Level Design
4 - Component-Level Design
5 - Implementation and Testing
6 - Does It Do the Job?
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