Arduino: The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Arduino

Arduino: The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Arduino

Book Description
Do you have an idea for a cool project?
Have you ever wanted to create a robot or your very own game controller? 

Well, if Yes is your answer then the Arduino is probably the piece of hardware that you can use to accomplish just such a task as well as countless others.

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 When we were growing up we had rector sets and other small electric kits filled with transistors, resistors and other devices that allowed us to send signals to devices that we had growing up. With the advancement of modern technology and the throw away society building things and learning how they work is a lost art. In this book we will explore a device that is making those days fun again. It is called the Arduino. 

The Arduino is a small computer board that allows you to connect up a wide variety sensors, switches and controls to create your very own hardware such as robots, remotes and more. 

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Arduino: The Ultimate Beginners Guide will talk about what the Arduino is, what you can do with it and why you want to get one. We will give you some sample projects that you can do, some ideas for projects that you can create and even some basic source code that you can use to get started. If you are itching to get started and build something cool jump into this book and see what the Arduino has to offer.

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