Analysis of Radome-Enclosed Antennas

Analysis of Radome-Enclosed Antennas

Book Description
A radome is a structural, weatherproof enclosure that protects microwave and radar antenna from ice, freezing rain, wind, and debris. This new, updated edition to an Artech House classic provides a current, comprehensive overview of the design and analysis of radomes. 

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The second edition includes a wealth of new material, including three new chapters on radome measurement techniques, environmental effects on radomes, and new radome technology. This unique book helps professionals to design radomes for top performance, understand the effect a radome has on a particular antenna's operation, and become knowledgeable about how to specify acceptable radome equipment. Over 130 illustrations and more than 250 equations support key topics throughout the book. CD-ROM Included! Includes powerful codes and highly useful tools that help professionals estimate the electrical performance degradation that may occur when an antenna system is enclosed by a radome.

Table of Contents

Part I Background and Fundamentals
  1. Overview of Radome Phenomenology
  2. Basic Principles and Conventions
  3. Antenna Fundamentals
  4. Radome Dielectric Materials
Part II Radome Analysis Techniques
  1.  Dielectric Wall Constructions
  2.  Radome Analysis Techniques
Part III Computer Implementation
  1. Ray Trace Approaches
  2. Radome-Enclosed Guidance Antennas
  3. Miscellaneous Radome-Enclosed Antenna Types
Part IV Radome Specifications and Environmental Degradations
  1. Specifying and Testing Radome Performance
  2. Environmental Degradation

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