Dielectric Materials and Applications by V. Hippel

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 Dielectric Materials and Applications 

This classic set is a crucial landmark in the development of the field of dielectrics -- a field belonging not only to physics or chemistry, but also to modern electrical engineering. Featuring comprehensive coverage that has remained unsurpassed even by today's standards, this set's timeless value makes it a must-have for anyone with a serious interest in dielectric engineering.

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Table of Contents

This book Download  Dielectric Materials and Applications covers the following subjects;
  • I • Theory
  • A • Macroscopic Properties of Dielectrics
  • B • Molecular Properties of Dielectrics
  • II • Dielectric Measuring Techniques
  • A • Permittivity
  • B • Permeability
  • C • Microwave Spectroscopy
  • D • Magnetic Resonance
  • III • Dielectric Materials and Their Applications
  • A • Dielectric Materials
  • B • Dielectrics in Equipments
  • C • Dielectric Materials as Devices
  • IV • Dielectric Requirements of the Armed Services
  • A • The Air Force
  • B • The Army Charles
  • C • The Navy
  • V • Tables of Dielectric Materials
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