Electronic Devices and Circuits - 2nd Ed. by David A. Bell

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 Electronic Devices and Circuits

Electronic Devices And Circuits, written by David A. Bell, delves into the latest technology and provides information on topics ranging from semiconductors to RC and LC Supply Filters.

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Electronic Devices and Circuits  covers all the principles that will help readers understand the working of electrical devices and the detailed circuitry involved. Targeting electronic appliances, the author has emphasised on device operation, characteristics of each device, and circuit applications. This book has been specifically written for undergraduate students who are pursuing their engineering in fields like Electronics, Instrumentation, Electrical, Electronics and Communication.

Table of Contents
  •  Electronic Devices and Circuits  cover the following topics
  • Basic Semiconductor Theory
  • PN-Junction Theory
  • FET Biasing
  • Basic FET Circuits
  • The Tunnel Diode
  • The Silicon Controlled Rectifier
  • ircuit Fabrication
  • Transistor Specifications and Performance
  • The Unijunction Transistor
  • Optoelectronic Devices
  • Miscellaneous Devices
  • Electron Tubes
  • The Semiconductor Diode
  • The Junction Transistor
  • Transistor Biasing
  • Basic Transistor Circuits
  • Transistor and Integrated C
  • Basic Multistage and Integrated Circuit Amplifiers
  • Basic Sinusoidal Oscillators
  • Zener Diodes
  • Field Effect Transistors

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