Switching Power Supply Design - 3rd Edition. by Abraham Pressman

Switching Power Supply Design - 3rd Edition, by Abraham Pressman. You may like to download this book at the end of this post.

Switching Power Supply Design by Abraham Pressman is a guide, as the author Pressman promises, even a novice can immediately design a complete switching power supply circuit.

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This book has a complete instruction in one volume. Using a tutorial, how-to approach, Switching Power Supply Design by Abraham Pressman covers every aspect of this new technology, including circuit and transformer design, using higher switching frequencies, new topologies, and integrated PWM chips.
This 4th edition includes in-depth discussion of power factor correction, high-frequency ballasts for fluorescent lamps, and low-input voltage power supplies for laptop computers.

Table of Contents
Part I:Fundamental Switching Regulators
  • Buck, Boost, and Investor Topologies.
  • Push-Pull and Forward Converter Topologies.
  • Half- and Full-Bridge Converter Topologies.
  • Flyback Converter Topologies.
  • Current-Mode and Current-Fed Topologies.
  • Miscellaneous Topologies.
Part II: Magnetics and Circuits Designs.
  • Transformer and Magnetic Design.
  • Bipolar Power Translator Base Drives.
  • MOSFET Power Transistors and Input Drive Circuits.
  • Magnetic-Amplifier Postregulators.
  • Turnon, Turnoff Switching Losses and Snubbers.
  • Feedback-Loop Stabilization.
  • Resonant Converters.
Part III: Typical Switching Power Supply Warehouse.
Part IV: Newer Applications for Switching Power Supply Technique.
  • Power Factor, Power Factor Correction.
  • High-Frequency Power Sources for Fluorescent Lamps.
  • Low-Input-Voltage Regulators for Laptop Computers and Portable Electronics.

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