Industrial Motor Control - 6th & 7th Edition. by S. Herman

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This edition of Industrial Motor Control is the most comprehensive revision of the book since 20 years ago. With crucial, up-to-date information on basic relay control systems, programmable logic controllers, and solid state devices commonly found in an industrial setting.
Industrial Motor Control by S. Herman, presents easy-to-follow instructions and the essential information for controlling industrial motors, along with commonly used devices in contemporary industrial settings.

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Industrial Motor Control by S. Herman succeed in bridging the gap between industrial maintenance and instrumentation. Readers will gain a fundamental understanding of the operation of variable frequency drives, solid state relays, and other applications that employ electronic devices.

Table of Contents
Industrial Motor Control by S. Herman covers the following;
General Principles of Motor Control.
Symbols and Schematic Diagrams.
Manual Starters.
Overload Relays.
Relays, Contactors, and Motor Starters.
The Control Transformer.
Timing Relays.
Pressure Switches and Sensors.
Timed Starting for Three Motors (Circuit #2).
Float Switch Control of a Pump and Pilot Lights (Circuit #3).
Developing a Wiring Diagram (Circuit #1).
Developing a Wiring Diagram (Circuit #2).
Developing a Wiring Diagram (Circuit #3).
Reading Large Schematic Diagrams.
Installing Control Systems.
Float Switches.
Flow Switches and Sensors.
Limit Switches.
Phase Failure Relays.
Solenoid and Motor Operated Valves.
Temperature Sensing Devices.
Hall Effect Sensors.
Proximity Detectors.
Forward-Reverse Control.
Jogging and Inching.
Sequence Control.
DC Motors.
Starting methods for DC Motors.
Basic Control Circuits.
Schematics and Wiring Diagrams.
Hand-Off Automatic Controls.
Multiple Pushbutton Stations.
Solid-State DC Drives.
Stepping Motors.
The Motor and Starting Methods.
Resistor and Reactor Starting for AC Motors.
Autotransformer Starting.
Wye-Delta Starting.
Part Winding Starters.
Consequent Pole Motors.
Variable Voltage and Magnetic Clutches.
Wound Rotor Induction Motors.
Synchronous Motors.
Variable Frequency Control.
Motor Installation.
Developing Control Circuits.
Digital Logic.
The Bounceless Switch.
Start-Stop Pushbutton Control.
Programmable Logic Controllers.
Programming a PLC.
Analog Sensing for Programmable Controllers.
The PN Junction.
The Zener Diode.
The Transistor.
The Unijunction Transistor.
The SCR.
The Diac.
The Triac.
The 555 Timer.
The Operational Amplifier.

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