Dielectrics and Waves by Arthur R Von Hippel

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A treatise intended for physicists, chemists, and electrical engineers, originally published in 1954 (New York: Wiley).
Dielectrics and Waves reflects the dominant part played by waves in dielectrics, whether electromagnetic waves, probability waves of quantum mechanics, or the elastic waves of crystal lattices.
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Dielectrics and Waves by Arthur R Von Hippel is divided into two major parts: macroscopic approach and molecular approach.

Table of Contents

I Theory
  • A Macroscopic Properties of Dielectrics
  • B Molecular Properties of Dielectrics
II Dielectric Measuring Techniques
  • A Permittivity
  • B Permeability
  • C Microwave Spectroscopy
  • D Magnetic Resonance
III Dielectric Materials and Their Applications
  • A Dielectric Materials
  • B Dielectrics in Equipments
  • C Dielectric Materials as Devices

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