Computers, Communications, and Information: A User's Introduction

In this post you will download Computers, Communications, and Information: A User's Introduction a Revised Edition Free PDF

This book is written for future computer users—people who will use the computer as an everyday tool for working with reports, spreadsheets, databases, and the like.
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'Computers, Communications, and Information' is not intended only for students who will eventually write programs or design computer systems.

Table of Contents
Computers, Communications, and Information: A User's Introduction covers the following;
  • Overview: The Foundation for Your Future
  • Processing Hardware: Turning Data into Something You Can Use
  • Input/Output Hardware: Interfaces Between You and the Computer
  • Storage Hardware: Preserving Data and Information
  • System Software: The Director
  • Applications Software: The User's Tools
  • Communications Technology: Starting Along the Information Highway
  • Uses of Communications Technology: Telecommuting, Online Resources, and the Internet
  • Information Systems Analysis and Design: The Systems Development Life Cycle
  • Software Programming and Languages: Where Your Software Comes From?
  • Information Management: Who Needs to Know What, and When?
  •  Files and Databases: Organizing and Maintaining Digital Data
  • Trends in Computing: Multimedia and Developments in Information Technology
  • Ethics, Privacy, Security, and Social Questions: Computing for Right Living

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Download Computers, Communications, and Information PDF

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