Alternating Current Machines by M. G. Say

'Alternating Current Machines' by M. G. Say, you may like to download the pdf of this book at the end of this post.

Alternating Current Machines by M. G. Say (revised text) remains the same as the previously successful editions in that emphasis is on machine performance rather than design, though design is discussed where it bears on performance.  'Alternating Current Machines' Covers transformers and standard polyphase machines.
A new chapter deals with types and applications of special transformers, induction machines, and synchronous machines. Other chapters have been expanded and updated. Includes problems with answers for each chapter.

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Table of Contents
 Alternating Current Machines by M. G. Say covers the following subjects;
  • Introduction
  • Magnetic Circuits
  • Windings
  • Loss Dissipation
  • Transformers: Theory and Performance
  • Transformers: Construction and Design
  • Polyphase Rotating Machines
  • Polyphase Rotating Machines
  • Induction Machines: Construction and Design
  • Synchronous Machines: Theory and Performance
  • Synchronous Machines: Construction and Design
  • Special Machines

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