Applied Material Science by Deborah D.L.Chung

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Materials are said to be the foundation of technology. Because of this, most universities provide engineering student with the fundamental concepts of materials science, which includes the following crystal structures, materials processing,imperfections, phase diagrams, and materials properties. Although only few schools offer the practical, applications-oriented background that their students need to succeed in industry.

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 Applied Material Science

 What is  Applied Material Science?

Applied Materials Science is applications of Engineering Materials in Structural, Thermal, Electronics, and Other Industries fills that gap. From a cross-disciplinary perspective that reflects both the multifunctionality of many materials and the wide scope industrial needs, Deborah D.L.Chung  the author of  'Applied Material Science' examines the practical applications of metal, cement, carbon, ceramic, polymer, and composite materials across a broad range of industries.
The topics addressed include electronic packaging, nondestructive evaluation, smart materials, thermal management, and materials development.  Applied Material Science by Deborah D.L.Chung is clear, coherent, and tutorial in style, includes numerous up-to-date references, and provides background material in a series of appendices.

Unique in its breadth of coverage of both materials and their applications, Applied Materials Science is both scientifically rich and technologically relevant. If you work or teach those that aspire to work in an engineering capacity, you will find no text or reference that better prepares its readers for real-world applications of engineering materials.

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Table of Contents:

  •     Introduction to Materials Applications
  •     Materials for Thermal Conduction
  •     Polymer-Matrix Composites for Microelectronics
  •     Materials for Electromagnetic Interference Shielding
  •     Cement-Based Electronics
  •     Self-Sensing of Carbon Fiber Polymer-Matrix Structural Composites
  •     Structural Health Monitoring by Electrical Resistance Measurement
  •     Modification of the Surface of Carbon Fibers for Use as a Reinforcement in Composite Materials
  •     Corrosion Control of Steel-Reinforced Concrete
  •     Applications of Submicron-Diameter Carbon Filaments
  •     Improving Cement-Based Materials by Using Silica Fume
  •     Appendix A Electrical Behavior of Various Types of Materials
  •     Appendix B Temperature Dependence of Electrical Resistivity
  •     Appendix C Electrical Measurement
  •     Appendix D Dielectric Behavior
  •     Appendix E Electromagnetic Measurement
  •     Appendix F Thermoelectric Behavior
  •     Appendix G Nondestructive Evaluation
  •     Appendix H Electrochemical Behavior
  •     Appendix I The pn Junction
  •     Appendix J Carbon Fibers

Download  Applied Material Science

 You may like to download  Applied Material Science by Deborah D.L.Chung
Author:             Deborah D.L.Chung

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