Personal Liability Umbrella Policy

Personal Liability Umbrella Policy

Personal Liability Umbrella Policy  is a type of insurance policy that provides excess coverage above and beyond the liability coverage amounts in a standard insurance policy.

Personal Liability Umbrella Policy provides extra protection in the event that a lawsuit exceeds the basic level of coverage in the standard policy.

Personal Liability Umbrella Policy  extends the basic coverage provided in different types of liability coverage, including home, auto, boat and tenant policies.

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What is the purpose of an umbrella policy

In other words, what does personal liability umbrella insurance cover? 
Personal Liability Umbrella Policy provides broad coverage, meaning that some claims that would not be covered by a standard policy may be covered under the umbrella policy. However, an umbrella policy only kicks in once the regular coverage amount is exceeded. Generally, the insured's standard policies must contain minimum levels of liability coverage that are specified by the insurance company in order to add an umbrella policy, and therefore, greater liability coverage.

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Who should consider Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella Insurance is for those who owns assets that exceed the liability coverage included in vehicle or property insurance should consider a personal umbrella policy. These assets can include home equity, college and retirement savings, a second home, stocks and bonds.


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