Centrifugal Pumps Design & Application by Val S. Lobanoff & Robert R. Ross

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  Centrifugal Pumps Design & Application Second Edition

This second edition of  Centrifugal Pumps Design & Application by Val S. Lobanoff & Robert R.Ross, focuses on the design of chemical pumps, composite materials, manufacturing techniques employed in nonmetallic pump applications, mechanical seals, and hydraulic design.
The authors Val S. Lobanoff & Robert R. Ross first offers information on the elements of pump design,  modeling laws, specific speed and impeller design. 

They lay emphasis on shape of head capacity curve, viscosity, pump speed, specific gravity, model law, correction for impeller trim, and design suggestions. 

  Centrifugal Pumps Design & Application Pdf

This book Centrifugal Pumps Design & Application by  Val S. Lobanoff & Robert R. Ross then takes a look at general pump design, volute design, and design of multi-stage casing.

The manuscript examines double-suction pumps and side-suction design, net positive suction head, and vertical pumps. Topics include configurations, suction piping, high speed pumps, design features, pump vibration, effect of viscosity, and side suction and suction nozzle layout. 
The authors  Val S. Lobanoff & Robert R. Ross also highlight  on high speed pumps, hydraulic power recovery turbines, double-case pumps, and shaft design and axial thrust.

The book is a valuable source of data for pump designers, students, and rotating equipment engineers

Table of Contents

  •     Introduction
  •     Specific Speed and Modelling Laws
  •     Impeller Design
  •     General Pump Design
  •     Volute design
  •     Design of Multi-Stage Casting
  •     Double Suction Pumps and Side-suction Pumps
  •     NPSH
  •     Vertical Pumps
  •     Pipelines,Waterflood and co2 pumps
  •     High Speed Pumps
  •     Double-Case Pumps
  •     Slurry Pumps
  •     Hydraulic Power Recovery Turbines
  •     Chemical Pumps-Metallic and Non-Metallic
  •     Shaft Design and Axial thrust
  •     Mechanical Seals
  •     Vibration and Noise in Pumps
  •     Alignment
  •     Rolling Element Bearings and Lubrication
  •     Mechanical Seal Reliability

 Download Centrifugal Pumps Design & Application PDF

You are about to download  Centrifugal Pumps Design & Application pdf for free

Pages: 592    |    File Size: 36 MB
Author:                Val S. Lobanoff, Robert R.Ross

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