Electric Power Transmission System Engineering 2nd edition by Turan Gonen

This book 'Electric Power Transmission System Engineering' by Turan Gonen is for engineers involved with the mechanical design of electrical transmission systems.

The author 'Turan Gonen' includes a review of transmission system engineering and also the basics of analysis, covering in detail topics such as the construction of overhead lines, vibration, sag and tension analysis, structural supports, insulation requirements, right-of-way planning and methods of locating structures and underground cables.

Electrical Power transmission Engineering: Analysis and style is dedicated to the exploration and rationalization of recent power transmission engineering theory and apply.

Designed for senior-level collegian and beginning-level graduate students, the book is a text for a two-semester course or, by even handed choice, the fabric could also be condensed into one semester. Written to push active self-study, it additionally makes a perfect reference for active engineers within the wattage utility business.

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