Download Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic Structures by Santosh Kumar Garg

This book 'Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic Structures' is the 19th edition, written by Santosh Kumar Garg.
Santosh Kumar Garg wrote this book to help students of engineering in research and project writing to solve the problem associated with Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic Structures.

Today, am going  to share to my Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic Structures  student a link to Download the PDF of  'Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic Structures' by Santosh Kumar

 Irrigation Engineering

Table Of Contents

  • Irrigation Techniques and Quality of Irrigation Water
  • Water Requirements of Crops
  • Canal Irrigation System
  • Sediment Transport and Design of  Irrigation Channels
  • Lining of irrigation Canals and Economics of Lining
  • Reclaimation of Water-Logged and Saline Soils for Agricultural Purpose
  • Hydrology and Runoff Computations for Design of Hydraulic Structures across Rivers and Streams
  • Rivers, Their Behaviour, Control and Training
  • Diversion Head Works
  • Hydraulic Jump and Its usefulness in the design of Irrigation Structures
  • Theories of Seepage and Design of Weirs and Barrages Canal Falls
  • Regulators Modules, and Miscellaneous
    Canal Structures
  • Cross Drainage Works
  • Construction of Culverts and Small
    Road Bridges Across Drains and Canals
  • Ground Water Hydrology and Construction of Wells and Tubewells
  • Dams in General and few Dams in Particular
  • Reservoirs and Planning for Dam Reservoirs
  • Design and Construction of Gravity Dams
  • Earthen Dams and Rock Fill Dams
  • Spillways, Energy Dissipators, and Spillway Gates
  • Types of Crest Gates
  • Outlet Works Through Dams and River Intakes Pressure Conduits
  • Hydro-electric Power
  • River Navigation
  • Tank Irrigation
  • Arch and Buttress Dams
  • Irrigation Revenue Rates

Download Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic Structures

You can Download Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic Structures by Santosh Kumar Garg in PDF form for free from here
Download Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic Structures

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