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Am sharing with you an introductory manual for SAP2000 Version 15.
This introductory manual contains step-by-step instructions guide for the development of your first model.
The objective of this sap2000 tutorial manual is to demonstrate the fundamentals and to show how quickly and easily a model can be created using the program. At the end of this tutorial you will have hands-on experience working with SAP2000, which for most people is the quickest way to become familiar with the program.


SAP2000 is a stand-alone finite-element-based structural program for the analysis and design of civil structures. This software offers an intuitive, yet powerful user interface with many tools to aid in the quick and accurate construction of models, along with the sophisticated analytical techniques needed to do the most complex projects.
 You May Download sap2000
This structural software is extremely versatile and powerful program, with many features and functions. This Introductory Tutorial  for SAP2000 does not attempt to cover all of those capabilities.
It shows you how to work with the program, providing some commentary along the way.

Please i advice you to perform each step of the tutorial as you read the manual.
But never forget that the program should be installed on your computer before you begin.

Download SAP2000 Tutorial

You are about to download introductory tutorial for sap2000 click the download link below

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