Buy Autocad 2010 Portable

Buy Autocad portable 2010

AutoCAD is a computer aid design software for drawing 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional which is developed by Autodesk. AutoCAD product family, as a whole, is a CAD software most widely used in the world.

Users of  Autocad 2010 Portable

This software is for civil engineers, architects, mechanical engineers, land developers, interior designers and others. Native data formats AutoCAD, DWG, and more unpopular, the data format that can be exchanged (interchange file format) DXF, became the de facto standard CAD data. Lately supports AutoCAD DWF, a format that is published and promoted by Autodesk for publishing CAD data.

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AutoCAD 2010, helps you to tackle the most challenging problems with ease.
Your designs can now exist in any shape imaginable, thanks to new design tools free-form 3D.

Discargar Autocad 2010

AutoCAD 2010 are the parametric drawing tools, allowing you to define persistent relationships between objects. There are some features that come with autocad 2010 portable, have been automated, making your workflow more efficient and the move to 3D design even smoother. Sharing and working on projects with colleagues has never been easier, thanks to multiple upgrades to the PDF capabilities and the addition of 3D printing. With these capabilities and countless other new you've requested, AutoCAD 2010 takes the idea and turns it into a reality faster than ever before.

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Autocad 2010 Portable Minimum System Requirement:

Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon dual core Ghz
300 MB  HDD free space
1,024 x 768 display resolution
Microsoft Intenet Exploler 7 or less.

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