Download Power Plant Engineering By P K Nag

Power Plant Engineering By P K Nag

Today am sharing with you a pdf download link for Power Plant Engineering textbook By P K Nag,
Power Plant Engineering is the essential subject for Thermal Power engineer as well as a great mechanical engineering it is the study of Power generation through mechanical methods.

This textbook Power Plant Engineering By P K Nag effectively exposes the students to the basics of power generation involved in several energy conversion systems so that they gain comprehensive knowledge of the operation of various types of power plants in use today.

The author briefly introduced the energy fundamentals including the environmental impacts of power generation, the book acquaints the students with the working principles, design and operation of five conventional power plant systems, namely thermal, nuclear, hydroelectric, diesel and gas turbine.

Power Plant Engineering By P K Nag  subjects includes the conventional as well as unconventional methods of energy generation.


The follow subjects are treated in Power Plant Engineering By P K Nag 

  • Economics of Power Generation                                                 1
  • Analysis of Steam Cycles                                                            38
  • Combined Cycle Power Generation                                            98
  • Fuels and Combustion                                                                 175
  • Combustion Mechanism Combustion Equipment and Firing     243
  • Steam Generators                                                                        324
  • Steam Turbines                                                                            432
  • Condenser Feedwater and Circulating Water Systems                561
  • Nuclear Power Plants                                                                   598
  • Hydroelectric Power Plant                                                           652
  • Diesel Engine and Gas Turbine Power Plants                              727
  • Energy Storage                                                                             803
  • Appendix A                                                                                  845
  • Appendix  B                                                                                 864

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        Author:  P K Nag         Pub: TMH       Pages 998

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