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SAFE is an acronym for Slab Analysis by Finite Element Method. CSI SAFE satisfies all the structural requirements of a structural engineer starting from framing layout to detail drawing procedure. CSI SAFE version 12 provides all the engineering design process aspects in one place to the structural engineer.

What is CSI SAFE?

CSI SAFE is an ultimate tool for designing concrete floor and foundation Systems.
It is a sophisticated, yet easy to use, special purpose analysis, design, and detailing program developed specifically for concrete slab and basement systems.

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SAFE couples powerful object-based modelling tools with an sensitive graphical interface, allowing the quick and efficient modelling of slabs of regular or arbitrary geometry with openings, ribs, edge beams, drop panels, post-tensioning, and supported by columns, walls, or soil.
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In CSI SAFE v12 Design is flawlessly integrated with the modelling and analysis, and provides comprehensive reporting of the required reinforcement calculated based on a chosen design code.
Detailed drawings may be produced smoothly for slabs and beams designed using SAFE.
CSI SAFE may be used as a stand-alone application, or may be used in conjunction with ETABS to complete analysis, design, and detailing of concrete floor plates created in ETABS.

What is New in SAFE v12?

It has ultimate integrated tools for designing reinforced, post-tensioned concrete floor and foundation systems. SAFE Version 12 has 3D object-based modelling tools and SAPFIRE has also been introduced.
  • Version 12 of SAFE supports multi-segmented general design strips allowing strips to be arranged in an arbitrary manner.
  • It enhance full 3D analytical model.
  • New Right Click menu will allow you to make edits to any object in the model.
  • Unique project explorer that gives users quick access to any aspect of the SAFE mode

  • CSI SAFE Supports multiple coordinate systems.
  • AUTOCAD drawing can be imported that can be used as a reference while building a SAFE model.

About the Package

This package of the SAFE includes the main program files along with that there are tutorials and help manual as well including Release Information, Tutorials, Manuals, Design and Verification manuals.
This version also includes a cra-cked .dll file which is simply to be copied to the installed directory.

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