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In this post I will be sharing with you a link to Download Design of High-Rise Buildings Ebook.

What is High Rise Building?

High-Rise Buildings can be defined as multi-story structure between 35–100 meters tall, or a building of unknown height from 12–39 floors." According to the building code of Hyderabad, India, a high-rise building is one with four floors or more, or one 15 meters or more in height.

High rise buildings are standing in modern cities to cater the population migrated in exponential trend, civil engineers have challenges to deal with design of high rise structures. All civil engineers are not ready for high rise buildings design as there are many factors have to consider. 
Here we are sharing this ebook on design of high rise buildings, covering the following contents

  • Geometry 
  • Materials 
  • Loads
  • Self weight and dead loads
  • Imposed loads
  • Snow load
  • Codes, manuals and computer programs
  • Bending moments and shear forces of beam G1
  • Bending moments due to vertical loads
  • Bending moments due to horizontal loads
  • Checking the sizes of beam G1 
  • Forces and moments, sizing of column O1
  • Preparation for calculation
  • The structure, the coordinates
  • Loads 
  • Load cases 
  • Ultimate forces and bending moments
  • Bending moments
  • Axial force on the column
  • Shear force in the beam 
  • Appropriate axial loads and bending moments
  • Analysing of beam
  • The bending moment
  • Analysis for shear
  • Analysis of column O1 
  • Initial loads and bending moments
  • Buckling length of columns
  • Inrcements in lateral displacement 
  • Control of column section .

 YOU MAY  Download Design of High-Rise Buildings Book


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