Buy MS Project Full Project Management Software for MS Office

Buy MS Project Full Project Management Software for MS Office

Project Management in general or construction management is an important part of any civil engineering projects that consist of labor, activities that has specific duration and some resources like machinery or time.
You may ask???

What is a Project?

A project may be defined as a set of connected activities that have duration and a single goal that has to be completed in time and according to specification.

What is Project Management?

Typical Project Management includes following;
  • Work breakdown structure
  • Resource leveling
  • Risk assessment
  • Resource management
  • Project network of activities
  • Critical path method (CPM)

Project Management and MS Project

So for our ease different companies have made Project Management tools like Primavera by Oracle and MS Project by Microsoft. They have a very easy to use interface where you can solve the network diagrams on a single click and generate important reports like gantt chart etc.
Also you can perform typical project management activities like Scheduling and Crashing of activities etc.

In this post I am sharing with you very basic and easy to use software for project management i.e. Microsoft Project 2007 or MS Project 2007.
it is a MS Office by part that comes with variety of diversity and functionality.

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MS Project and Civil Engineering

Both Primavera and MS Project are use in field of engineering, but most companies prefers Primavera which is a bit professional than MS office.
its handy to learn MS Project for your basic knowledge before primavera.

MS project or MS Office Project is an Office compatible Project Management tool that helps users to set realistic goals for project teams and customers by creating schedules, managing budgets, distributing and assigning project resources.
Ms project helps you in generating reports and charts. It comes with customizable wizard that walks users through the process of Project creation, from assigning their task and resources to reporting the final results.
Typical Gantt Chart in MS Project 2007

About the download (MS Project 2007)

This download includes 485 MB *.Zip file that has the main setup file
along with the Serial Numbers and Keygen that is required.
The version of the software is 2007 so you might need MS Office 2007 installed.

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