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Quantity Estimation & Project Planning Software

QE- Pro® is a Quantity Estimation & Project planning software, well-established for preparing cost estimates from building models.

Main Features:

Bill of Quantities: 

After the building modeling, with a click of mouse QE-Pro calculates quantities for all items


QE-Pro software prepares the abstract cost estimate of the building by multiplying quantities with corresponding item rates from rate analysis. QE-Pro also produce Resource consumption reports.


QE-Pro calculate the quantities and are automatically tabulated in LBD format. Results are printout or open in MS Excel® or MS Word® or HTML format.

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Item Library:

 QE-Pro database contains 1000+ items in built-in library. You can add & define your own in existing library OR create a new library. Items created in Excel can be simply copied and pasted in this library.

Item Groups: 

You can categorized Items under different heads and groups. Like, brick walls of different thickness can be grouped under a group named "Brick Masonry" OR excavation items, fillings, PCC, plinth masonry and soling can be included under the head "Sub-structure Work".

Rate Analysis:

 unit of measure for every item can be chosen from your library. This again is one time task as only the rates will change with time & location but the unit remains same.

QE-Pro Advantages

  • Generation of measurement sheets in LBD format
  • Fast and accurate quantity computation
  • In built graphical interface to draw building plans
  • Calculates quantities from building plans
  • User definable Rate Analysis for each and every item
  • Project Planning and Gantt charts
  • Cost break up for materials, labor and machine
  • Interface with M S Project

Who for: This software is produce for

  • Architects,
  • Practicing Civil Engineers,
  • Quantity Surveyors,
  • Builders,
  • Educational institutes
  • Contractors

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