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What is Matlab?
MATLAB is a high level language that has an interactive environment for numerical computation of data, matlab is used for developing algorithms, analyzing and visualizing data.

MATLAB accepts imported data from files, other application or any external devices for performing the desired computational analysis.

Once Imported data is loaded into the MATLAB you go on to explore and analyze the data through built in engineering and mathematical tool and can plot the results.

MATLAB language supports vector operations for engineering and scientific problems. Commands in MATLAB can be executed one after the other providing immediate results. Scripts and functions can be
created easily for automating your work.

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MATLAB plus provides layout tools for designing graphical user interfaces. Add on toolboxes extends the MATLAB environment to range of applications including signal processing and communication, video
as well as image processing, computational biology and control design.

Features of Matlab R2014a

The following features you will experience after Matlab R2014a free download.
  • Pop up Command history has been included.
  • Merge option added in Comparison tool for resolving differences between text files.
  • MEX Compilor has been streamlined.
  • Troubleshooting enhancements support.
  • Raspberry Pi hardware supports added.
  • Web Cam support for previewing live images and videos.
  • sylvesterfunction added for solving Sylvester equations.

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