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STAAD.Pro is a structural analysis and design computer program originally developed by Research Engineers International in Yorba Linda, CA. Research Engineer International was bought by Bentley Systems.
STAAD stands for STructural Analysis And Design.
Staad pro one of the first software applications in the world made for the purpose of helping the structural engineers to automate their work, to eliminate the tedious and lengthy procedures of the manual methods.


                      Purpose & Objectives Of this Staad pro Tutorial

This Staad pro Tutorial pdf, provides an overall look over STAAD Pro 2007. It demonstrates the steps to be followed to produce the structural analysis & design of two types of buildings; concrete and steel.
Also this Staad pro Tutorial concentrate over the different results generated from the program, and how to read them, view them, and finally generate the necessary reports from them.

STAAD Pro is a tool for structural engineers.
This Staad pro Tutorial is meant for the new users of STAAD Pro 2007, whom didn't work before on STAAD Pro, but possess reasonable experience of Windows OS.

This Tutorial is NOT a replacement of the manuals of STAAD Pro; on the contrary, we encourage all the readers to read the manuals thoroughly.
We consider this Staad pro Tutorial as the first step for the beginners, which after finishing it, and with the help of STAAD Pro manuals along with the Help system the user will be able to master all of the other features of STAAD Pro.

This Tutorial main objective is to go with the novice user step by step starting from creation of the geometry up until performing concrete and steel design.

The user should have enough experience in the manual structural analysis and design methods , as neither STAAD Pro nor this Tutorial will teach any manual structural methods.

This Staad pro Tutorial can be used as instructor-led courseware, or teach your self courseware:

This Staad pro Tutorial is covering STAAD Pro 2007, and it is designed for the people who use the American Codes for both Concrete Design, and Steel Design using Metric units.



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