Elements of Theory of Structures

    A good grasp of the theory of structures - the theoretical basis by which the strength, stiffness and stability of a building can be understood - is fundamental to structural engineers and architects. 

Elements of Theory of Structures

Yet most modern structural analysis and design is carried out by computer, with the user isolated from the process in action. This book, therefore, provides a broad introduction to the mathematics behind a range of structural processes. 

   The basic structural equations have been known for at least 150 years, but modern plastic theory has opened up a fundamentally new way of advancing structural theory. Paradoxically, the powerful plastic theorems can be used to examine 'classic' elastic design activity, and strong mathematical relationships exist between these two approaches. 

Some of the techniques used in this book may be familiar to the reader, and some may be new, but each of the topics examined will give the structural engineer fresh insight into the basis of the subject.

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