Engineering Design Principles By Ken Hurst

                    As we all know that good design is the key to the manufacture of successful commercial products. 
which involves creativity, technical ability, communication at all levels, good management and the abiltity to mould these attributes together. There are many solution In the Production of a well designed products. 
And however there are tried and tested principles, if accurately applied will lead to success of any final product. 

                   Engineering Design Principles By Ken Hurst introduces these guild-lines to engineering students and professional engineers. Drawing on historical and familiar examples from the present, the book provides a stimulating guide to the principles of good engineering design. It simplicity makes it inevitable for undergraduates who wishes to have good foundation in this subject

                 It exposes student to  problem identification, creativity, concept selection, modelling, design management and information gathering rich selection of historical and familiar present examples

                Levels of communication necessary for successful engineering design are illustrated in this book

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