Transportation Engineering I By Dr. Tom V. Mathew

                             Transportation Engineering I

       Mobility is a basic human need. From the times immemorial, everyone travels either for food or leisure. A closely associated need is the transport of raw materials to a manufacturing unit or nished goods for consumption.
Transportation ful lls these basic needs of humanity.
       Transportation plays a major role in the development of the human civilization. For instance, one could easily observe the strong correlation between the evolution of human settlement and the proximity of transport facilities. Also, there is a strong correlation between the quality of transport facilities and standard of living, because of which society places a great expectation from transportation facilities.
       In other words, the solution to transportation problems must be analytically based, economically sound, socially credible, environmentally sensitive, and practically acceptable and sustainable. Alternatively, the transportation solution should be safe, rapid, comfortable, convenient, economical, and eco-friendly for both men and material.

                           COURSE CONTENTS

         I Introduction to transportation systems engineering 2

             1 Introduction to transportation engineering
             2 Introduction to Highway Engineering
             3 Role of transportation in society
             4 Factors a ecting transportation

       II Transportation planning 31

            5 Travel demand modelling
            6 Data Collection
            7 Trip generation
            8 Trip distribution
            9 Modal split
            10 Tra c Assignment

      III Geometric Design of Highways 68

           11 Introduction to geometric design
           12 Cross sectional elements
           13 Sight distance
           14 Horizontal alignment I
           15 Horizontal alignment II
           16 Horizontal alignment III
           17 Vertical alignment
           18 Vertical alignment - 2

     IV Pavement Design 121

          19 Introduction to pavement design
          20 Factors a ecting pavement design
          21 Pavement materials: Soil
          22 Pavement materials: Aggregates
          23 Pavement materials: Bitumen
          24 Bituminous mix design
          25 Dry Mix Design
          26 Marshall Mix Design
          27 Flexible pavement design
          28 (IRC method of design of flexible pavements
          29 Rigid pavement design

     V Tra ffic Engineering 185

         30 Fundamental parameters of tra ffic flow
         31 Fundamental relations of tra ffic flow
         32 Tra c data collection
         33 Tra c stream models
         34 Microscopic tra ffic flow modelling
         35 Capacity and Level of service
         36 Tra ffic signs
         37 Road markings
         38 Parking
         39 Tra ffic intersections
         40 Traffi c rotaries
         41 Tra ffic signal design-I
         42 Traffi c signal design-II

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