Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic structures book by SK GARG

Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic structures book deals with irrigation engineering considering all aspects and then almost all hydraulic structures on the way of irrigation.

Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic structures 

Irrigation is the Science of providing water to the lands in accordance with the requirements of the crops grown therein. It has been found to increase the productivity of rain-fed lands by as much as five times in a tropical country.
However, most of present utilisation of water is being used for irrigation alone.

Additional waters are, thus, required to be developed for bringing additional cropped area under irrigation, to increase our food and fibre production.

The techniques which are employed for development and management of water resources become vitally important in this context, and have been lucidly explained in Irrigation Engineering And Hydraulic Structures.
The present edition has further been revised and updated with rewriting of certain articles and with addition of certain new topics and numerical examples. The question bank containing questions of Engineering Services and Civil Services Exams. has also been updated.


1.Irrigation technique and quality of irrigation water
2.water requirements of crops
3.canal irrigation system
4.sediments transport and design of irrigation channels
5.lining of irrigation canals and economics of lining
6.reclaimation of water-logged and saline soils for agricultural purposes
7.hydrology and runoff computation for design of hydraulic structure across river &streams
8.rivers,their behaviour, control and training
9.diversion head work
10.hydraulic jump and its usefulness in the design on irrigation structure
11.theories of seepage and design of weir and barrages
12.cannal falls
13.regulators modules and miscellaneous canal structure
14.cross drainage works of culverts and small road bridges across drains and canals
16.ground water hydrology and construction of wells and tubewells
17.dams in general and few dams in particular
18.reservoirs and planning for dam reservoirs and construction of gravity dam
20.earthen dams and rock fill dams
21.spillways,energy dissipators,and spillway gates
22.outlet works through dams and river intakes
23.pressure conduits
24.hydro-electric power
25.river navigation
26.tank irrigation
27.arch and buttress dams
28.irrigation revenue rates
29.chapterwise multichoice objective questions
30.test paper on objective questions
31.important information to students on UPSC competitions and conventional questions of past years
32.objective questions of past years
33.objective questions of AMIE exam

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