Fuzzy Systems Engineering: Theory and Practice

Fuzzy Systems Engineering: Theory and Practice

Book Description
This book is devoted to reporting innovative and significant progress in fuzzy system engineering. Given the maturation of fuzzy logic, this book is dedicated to exploring the recent breakthroughs in fuzziness and soft computing in favor of intelligent system engineering. 

This monograph presents novel developments of the fuzzy theory as well as interesting applications of the fuzzy logic exploiting the theory to engineer intelligent systems.

Table of Contents
Part I Fuzzy Theory.
Introducing You to Fuzziness.
A Qualitative Approach for Symbolic Data Manipulation Under Uncertainty.
Adaptation of Fuzzy Inference System Using Neural Learning.
Part II Fuzzy Systems.
A fuzzy approach on guiding model for interception flight.
On the Stability and Sensitivity Analysis of Fuzzy Control Systems for Servo-systems.
Applications of Fuzzy Logic in Mobile Robots Control.
Modeling the Tennessee Eastman Chemical Process Reactor Using Fuzzy Logic.

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