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In engineering, 'Machine design' is very core subject of mechanical and Industrial Engineering. Today we are posting the great book of Design of Machine Elements by M F Spott free to download. This book has an excellent explaination of Prentice Hall pub.

Machine design is the advanced study of Theory of machine and Solid Mechanics. Modern engineering design is totally based upon these subjects. It's an art of planning or devising new or improved machine accomplish specific purposes in general machine will consists of a several different mechanical elements properly designed to work together as whole.

Design of Machine Elements pdf by M F Spott covers the basic as well as very advanced topics. It's a very useful book for preparing the competition examination like GATE and IES etc.

About Design of Machine Elements by M F Spott

The author treats the review of simple stress and strain. Transformation of stress and strain. This book uses the various standard design method which is used in automotive industry

Table of Contents
1.Fundamental Principle
(Review of Strength of materials, stress and strain, Deflection of beams, Energy Methods)
Working Stresses

2.Shafting design

3.Springs design

4.Screws design

5.Belts, Clutch and Brakes

6.Welded and Riveted Connections


8.Design of Ball and Roller Bearings
9.Spur Gears

10.Bevel, Worm and Helical Gears

11.Miscellaneous Machine Elements

12.dimension  and Details

13.Engineering Materials

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