Handbook of Material Testing [free download]

While designing a structure, engineer assumes certain value of strength for each of material being used therein. 

When the structure is being constructed, it is the bounden duty of the field engineers to get the same validated by regular testing of material. 
The quality of materials used in any infrastructure does play a vital role with regard to its ultimate strength and durability in the long run. Hence, the materials need to be tested according to certain standard procedures developed by ASTM, BIS, RDSO to give a clear picture of material strength.

The “Handbook of Material Testing” is an attempt by IRICEN to bring together the standard test procedures for materials frequently used in the civil engineering infrastructure of Indian Railways. It is hoped that this will be a helpful guide to the field engineers.

 A list of suppliers of various testing equipments has also been provided along with their addresses to enable the engineers in setting up of a field laboratory, in case the need be.

This very useful handbook is now available to download, you are in second stage to download. Please click in the link provided here to download.